Minnesota’s fastest-growing high school sport is trap shooting.

6,100 student athletes represented 185 high school trap shooting teams that participated in the 2014 Minnesota State High School Clay Target League’s (MSHSCTL) spring season to continue the activities’ success as Minnesota’s fastest-growing high school sport.Mn-2014-Participation-Infographic

The Minnesota State High School League sponsored 45 activity programs in the 2013-2014 school year and is one of the most comprehensive programs of interscholastic activities in the United States. The clay target activity lead all activity programs with a 79% increase in participation over the previous school year and is ranked 17th amongst the top participation of sponsored activities. The participation increase of other top activities over the previous school year included Girl’s Dance (21%), Girl’s Volleyball (6%), Girl’s Cross Country (6%), and Boy’s Nordic Skiiing (6%).

“In 2010 the League had 340 participating student athletes,” said Jim Sable, Executive Director of the MSHSCTL. “By almost doubling the League participation this year, more schools and their student athletes are discovering how fun and safe shooting sports really is,” Sable said. “Since 2001, the League has no reported injuries or school gun-free zone violations and it is the only co-ed and adaptive sport in high school.”

With more than 8,000 student athletes expected to participate in the clay target league in 2015, additional shooting ranges are expected to participate and many current shooting ranges participating in the program are improving their facilities.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has approved nearly $400,000 in expedited small range trap shooting grants to expand, improve or upgrade trap shooting ranges across the state. The grants are the result of a $2.16 million legislative appropriation earlier this year that aims to increase shooting range capacity for youth trap shooters by providing matching funds to recreational shooting clubs open for public use.

View the 2013-2014 Minnesota State High School League Activity Programs And Participants http://www.mshsl.org/mshsl/news/2013-14Participation.pdf