VIDEO: Nicollet high school trap shooting team wraps up second season

A steady hand, patience, and accuracy. These are just a few of the skills Anna Drummer says are needed to be a sharp shooter.

Drummer has come a long way since joined the Nicollet High School Trap Shooting Team. Anna Drummer says, “Pretty good. Some of them I don’t want to look at the score sheet but otherwise.”

Five stations shooting five rounds at each, the shooters can score up to 25 points. But with today being the last official practice of the season, parents got to join in on the fun. Coach Skip Hoffman says, “Everybody we talk to you know they all say man I wish we had this in high school you know I mean yeah. I mean a lot of their parents wished we could have something like this in high school. It’s just going to keep growing.”

In the past year, Minnesota has gone from having fewer than 60 to more than 100 established teams. Hoffman says, “The more people hear about it the more kids are getting involved in it.”

And the Nicollet high school trap shooting team is no exception to the trend. Hoffman says, “Might be the most popular sport in the high school. I think we have the most participants.”

While Drummer says she loves to shoot, it’s the camaraderie that keeps her coming back for more. Anna Drummer says, “Having everybody together and just heckling each other.”

But with the season wrapping up and Drummer going off to college I asked her if she’d find a way back to the shooting range. Anna Drummer says, “If the opportunity springs I will definitely take it.”

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